Top 10 ways to improve Patient Engagement

In this new era of healthcare in which we are now moving towards a value-based care, making sure the patient understands what is happening with his/her care having a level of trust with the provider is of the utmost importance. Patient engagement is built on trust and confidence. Below are the TOP 10 ways for providers to improve their patient engagement:

  • Communication is key
  • Multi-Disciplinary Rounding – when providers work together in developing a cohesive treatment plan for their shared patient
  • In Laymen’s Terms – Explaining the situation and treatment options in a way that patients can understand
  • Accountability – The reality is people are human and make mistakes. When you are accountable it builds the trust between the provider and the patient
  • Education – Patients that know more about their health are more engaged
  • Transparency – Not withholding certain information in fear of scaring the patient
  • Follow-Up Appt – Having someone help patient schedule follow-up appt to ensure they return for follow-up care. They are more likely to keep if it is already scheduled
  • Online Resources – Almost everyone has a phone and will use it to access information if available
  • Encourage family participation
  • Remember to smile. Patients will be more engaged when they less scared. Smiling brings comfort to that fear

Published by Betty Rutherford

Motivated, analytical and results-focused professional with more than 20 years of experience driving results in complex and fast-paced healthcare environments. Reputation for establishing priorities, scheduling, and meeting deadlines through the skillful allocation of human and information technology resources.

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