Critical Analysis of Patient Experience and Financial Performance

If a patient and their family can leave the hospital feeling as though they received the best care and the ones treating them went out of their way to do everything they in their power to help, then it makes them feel comfortable coming back. It builds trust and trust creates relationships that forge loyalties. Repeat customers have the power to drive a company and is critical to their long-term success. According to a Press Ganey report through Health Leaders, “the patient experience is five times more likely to influence brand loyalty than conventional marketing tools such as billboards, television, print or radio ads.” And successful hospitals get that. I used to implement changes across modalities and throughout the hospital, based on the Press Ganey reports we would receive for Diagnostic & Interventional procedures. I felt very strongly that if we cared for them as we would our own loved one and not like they were just a number and could train our staff to do the same it would increase our Press Ganey scores. Positive patient outcomes are derived from shortened length of stay and coordination with care team reduces not only overutilization of tests and procedures but leads to higher patient satisfaction. Patients discharged from a hospital that are relaxed and comfortable are more likely to speak to others about their experience and with confidence take other members of their family to the same location when future events arise. In a highly competitive market your reputation in how you care for your patients AND how you deal with complaints from patients is what makes you stand out above others. Patient satisfaction has been on the forefront of many hospital organizations in the past several years and its measures are captured through Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) scores. Deloitte Center for Health Solutions

Published by Betty Rutherford

Motivated, analytical and results-focused professional with more than 20 years of experience driving results in complex and fast-paced healthcare environments. Reputation for establishing priorities, scheduling, and meeting deadlines through the skillful allocation of human and information technology resources.

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